TBG West Core Values

These core values are the very cornerstone of our client and employee experience. TBG CARES is our goal, our aspiration and our inspiration.

TBG West

C. A. R. E. S.


We maintain an ongoing track record of reliability by demonstrating our expertise and following best practices during each service interaction.  We earn our client’s respect by cultivating a reputation that people can trust.


Delivering accurate information is critical to our clients and at the core of who we are as an organization.  Our ethos is “measure a thousand times and cut once.”  We take the time to prepare and validate our information before we share it with a colleague or a valued client.


We recognize that our business revolves around nurturing productive relationships, and this requires respect of our staff’s and client’s values, needs and time. We seek to develop a lifelong relationship with each client, built one interaction at a time.  Respect for diversity, equity and inclusion is deeply woven into the fabric of TBG West.  We are a diverse community, comprising a wide range of backgrounds and characteristics.  We celebrate, foster and cultivate this diversity.


Our duty to our clients is to follow through on our commitments, admit, own, and correct our mistakes, and tell the truth.


Our solutions help provide financial security to our clients when they need it most.  We treat the security of and privacy of our clients’ and employees’ private information as though it were our own.

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